A new skin developed for pmwiki 2 by Hans Bracker softflow.co.uk/design


  • Three column layout with full-width header and footer.
  • Customisable page sections through wiki pages: header, footer, left sidebar, rightbar, topmenu, footmenu.
  • Page sections can be turned on and off with markup.
  • Right and left side bars can be hidden instantly with javascript, to make the content page wider.
  • Instant text sizing with java script.
  • One click switch to "Big View" to aid visually impaired users.
  • Integrated direct printing.
  • Option to switch styles for different color and font schemes, or to create a layout with fixed or resizable width, with or without outer border. Integrated color support for commentboxplus and forumstyled.
  • Popup preview in edit mode, no more downscrolling!

Version: triad 2014-11-30

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Poste de MC en Informatique à l'ECM : Données massives / apprentissage profond (intégration au laboratoire LIF) Fiche Galaxie Δ

 Projets LIF ECM Δ

Artifical Intelligence : Un programme bat les professionnels au Poker

Conférence Francophone d'Apprentissage Automatique (CAP 2016): 04-07 Juillet 2016

Journée du PR2I Big data d'AMU sur le Traitement de Données massives

Jeudi 15 Octobre de 8h30 à 14h sur le site Saint Charles (Salles de conférences 1 et 2)

Annonce de a journée

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