Thierry Artières

 Professor (Computer Science) 
Ecole Centrale Marseille
Marseille, France

 Head of QARMA team  
éQuipe AppRentissage et MultimediA (QARMA)
Laboratoire d'Informatique et Systèmes (LIS) Université d'Aix Marseille (AMU)
Marseille, France

 Nouveau parcours  Intelligence Artificielle et Apprentissage Automatique  du master d'informatique à Aix-Marseille Université

Ouverture en Septembre 2018


 Tel.         +33 4 91 05 44 92
Internet QARMA team
Address at ECMAddress at LIF
Bureau 112, Plot 1Bureau 536
Ecole Centrale Marseille (ECM)TPR1
38 Rue Frédéric Joliot Curie\\Parc Scientifique de Luminy
13013 Marseille, FRance13009 Marseille, France


Fundings for postdoc positions

Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Neurosciences
with the QARMA team and Neuroscience Institute at La Timone (INT)
=> contact me

Open Assistant Professor position (deadline passed)

Poste de MC en Informatique ouvert à l'ECM pour le concours 2017 : Données massives / apprentissage profond
Assistant Professor position at ECM : Large Scale Data Processing / Deep Learning

CV In brief

I received my Ph. D. on Neural Predictive Models Applied to Speaker Recognition in September 1995 at Paris Sud university. I then joined Université de Cergy Pontoise in September 1996 and then I joined the Computer Science Lab (LIP6) in Université Paris 6 in September 1999. I am currently working, in the Connexionnist group headed by Professor Patrick Gallinari.

I am member of the Pascal network of excellence, of the usage laboratory LUTIN and of the GRCE (French Research Group on Handwriting and Written Documents).

My research activities concern statistical machine learning with a special interest on sequential data and signals. I focused much of my work on statistical models for sequential data like Hidden Markov Models and Hidden Markov Trajectory Models, Dynamic Bayesian Networks, Hierarchical Hidden Markov Models, Probabilistic Grammars, Conditional Markov Random Fields.

I applied my works on speaker recognition, document segmentation, on-line handwriting recognition. ,Today I work on pen-based interfaces and on-line handwriting recognition and on user modeling in hypermedia.

I defended my "Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches" in December 2006. It sums up part of my research activities since my beginnings. The manuscript and the slides are available on-line (In French).

Full list of publications may be found here.